Larry King a millionaire who failed at first was born on November 19th 1933. His given name was Lawrence Harvey Zeiger. Born in Brooklyn New York to Jewish Immigrant parents. His early years included the death of his father at the age of forty four. Larry’s mother had to go on welfare to support him and his younger brother. Edwards’s death affected Larry’s emotional stability, he lost interest in school, and barely finished high school. His prospects at that time were poor he took on a job as a mail clerk to help support his mother and brother. However, his dream of a career in radio, never waned.

As luck would have it, a chance meeting with CBS television announcer set Larry Ziegler on the pathway to a career in radio. The announcer informed Larry that Florida, a state with a growing media market was hiring inexperienced staff. Larry began his career as an odd job man cleaning up the station amongst other duties. When one of the broadcasters quit in 1957, Larry took the opportunity to host the show… His managers were impressed so Larry got the job full time.  His salary of fifty five dollars a week and a regular slot meant Larry was at last beginning to fulfil his dream.

Larry began doing interviews on a mid-morning show for WIOD at Pumpernik’s Restaurant in Miami Beach. He would take a chance and interview anyone who walked through the door. His first interview was with a waiter; however, just two days later Bobby Darrin who was in Miami for a concert, and had heard the show, went to the restaurant and asked for an interview. He became Larry’s first celebrity interview. His local radio show launched King to television stardom. During the 1960’s, he entered the media of television and met Jackie Gleason, who at the time was producing a national television variety show in Miami Beach. King later on in his career credited Gleason for teaching him much about TV production and called him his mentor.

During the 1960’s (the early days in his broadcasting career), King’s salary wasn’t enough to support his love for gambling and big spending habits. In 1971, Larry King was charged with grand larceny by a former business partner, which immediately led to the loss of his broadcast and newspaper jobs. He was acquitted of all charges in 1972, but was deeply in debt and publicly disgraced.  By 1978, he had to file for bankruptcy after an accumulation of debts amounting to 350,000 dollars.


The same year King filed for bankruptcy he was hired by WIOD radio in Miami to host a national night time talk show that eventually caught the attention of CNN founder Ted Turner. He was hired by Turner in 1985 to host his own television show, “Larry King Live” He would host the cable show for 25 years, making as much as ten million dollars a year before retiring for good in 2010.

Larry King a millionaire who failed at first is an Emmy-winning broadcast journalism and former host of CNN’s “Larry King Live”.

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