Online Quote

Most companies have at least some online presence, so it follows that if company liquidation is in the pipeline, it too can also be web-based.

At Company Liquidation Services we offer a secure online liquidation process that is straightforward and simple to use. It aids transparency in company liquidation and gives directors a hassle-free service that is cost-effective and quick to use.

The Online Company Liquidation Process

  • Complete our two-minute assessment form
  • Receive your online quote
  • Start the liquidation process online

The online company liquidation process starts with a quick assessment of the financial position of your company. You can see whether liquidation is the right option for your company by using our online tool. This takes just a few minutes and it will calculate the cost of the liquidation process based on the overall financial position of your business.

You will receive a personal quote from our experts and, if liquidation is the best option, you can then start the process through our secure website.

Online liquidation works in much the same way as traditional liquidation, but can be a much smoother and less time-consuming process for directors. You are likely to find that it is a cheaper, easier and quicker way to liquidate your company, taking away some of the stress and giving you the confidence to move on with your plans for the future.