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Press Release

Company Liquidation Services Offers Affordable Liquidations as Stats Show Just 1 in 4 Business Survive for Five Years

Company Liquidation Services offers professional, low-cost liquidations to a multitude of UK businesses – and their services are facing heightened demand, after research showed that just one in four businesses founded during the recession made it into their fifth year.

With 350,000 new businesses formed in 2014, an increase of 1% year-on-year, the entrepreneurial spirit of the UK appeared alive and well. But further scrutiny of the statistics has shown that as many as 75% of businesses started in recent years won’t last until their fifth birthday, with cash flow issues and a lack of bank lending cited as the main reasons.

The increase in businesses going under has called Company Liquidation Services into increased action. The firm offers affordable liquidation services for Limited Company owners, helping to ease creditor-induced anxiety and ensuring they can move onto new opportunities knowing the liquidation has been dealt with properly.

Lyndon Ogden, Director of Company Liquidations, says, “The UK has no shortage of new start-ups, but it seems many of our fledgling businesses are hitting a wall and going under before their fifth year in operation. At Company Liquidation Services, we can help these business owners to liquidate efficiently, offering impartial advice based on individual circumstances and helping businesses through the process in a cost-effective and positive manner.”

Mr Ogden adds, “For some, liquidation can be synonymous with failure – but we like to look at it as helping Limited Company owners move onto new opportunities and make a fresh start. Many successful business owners in the UK have failures in their past – you need only look as far as Richard Branson for an example of that. Liquidation can be a weight off a business owners’ shoulders, freeing them up to take on a new challenge.”

Company Liquidation Services offers plenty of advice on their informational website, as well as the opportunity for business owners to get instant quotes with the simple slider function. The tool assess liabilities and assets and gives users an on-the-spot quote that sums up how much it would cost to liquidate. It’s quick, easy and efficient – much like the rest of CLS’ offerings.

The team at CDS also have masses of experience between them, and can explain the process in a straightforward manner, without jargon or buzzwords to confuse business owners at this potentially stressful time. The insolvency experts can guide all clients through the process in a simplified way, ensuring they come out the other side in a positive frame of mind.

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