company liquidations for a fashion retailer

Directors of a fashion retailer

Our liquidation was completed in just over 6 months and we could still be directors of our other companies. Also we were able to buy the business back from the liquidator. Mind you we do feel that we have learned a lot from the experience and hope not to go there again.

Owner of an Accountancy practice

Owner of an accountancy practice

As you know, we have recommended a number of our clients who were in financial difficulties to you and they have all expressed their gratitude. We have helped the majority of them set up new companies and are continuing to act as their accountant moving forward.

Directory of a security company

Director of a security company

My liquidation was a huge success. It was nowhere near the nightmare other people had told me to expect. I did much of the exercise online and was very impressed with the results and the speed in which it all happened.

Director of a joinery company who needed a company liquidation

Director of a joinery company

I know it sounds a bit corny, but it was a pleasure doing business with you. And at the outset I never thought for a minute that I would ever be saying that to a liquidator.